Tired of Tiring During Runs? Try These Jogging Pace Drills

When you fatigue during a run, one of two things typically happens. You either maintain your current effort and slow your pace or increase your effort to maintain your current pace. To maintain a constant pace for an entire run, you need to either improve your ability to run while fatigued or train your body to postpone fatigue.

Below are four keys and four drills to prepare your body to perform while tired in order to maintain a constant jogging pace.


1. Energize and hydrate. Start your training runs and races with a full tank—a combination of carbohydrates (including some fiber), protein, healthy fat and water. Good choices for your pre-run meal include:

Scrambled eggs with spinach and avocado, fruit on the side
Oatmeal mixed with dried tart cherries, cocoa powder, almond butter and protein powder
Quinoa mixed with fresh berries, walnuts and a touch of honey

2. Focus. Just as a teacher might tell you to pay attention in class, pay attention to your running. As your mind drifts, your pace slows (even if you don’t realize it). Rather than contemplating your day, rocking out to music, or checking your watch every 30 seconds to calculate your pace, pay attention to your breathing, your arm swing, your stride and your foot strike. If nothing else, just zone out and go!

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