Travelers Choice for Best Hiking Trails in North America & South America

With our eternal pursuit of a balanced lifestyle in mind, we often like to incorporate physical activity into our travel plans in an attempt to stay fit while traveling. We also love to surround ourselves with nature and will climb hills, stairs, and mountains whenever possible to reach that stunning vista of the landscape below. When you put all those things together hiking is the natural result. Therefore when we return home every year we are always looking for the best hiking trails in North America to add to our experience.

Having hiked in North America, Europe, and Asia we have a pretty good list of awesome treks but we are always on the lookout for new trails to traverse. So we reached out to our fellow travelers for inspiration and have compiled some of their favorites along with our own.

Here is the first in our series of Great Hikes around the world starting with the Americas.

Best Hiking Trails in North America

Rattlesnake Ridge Trail, Washington State

“Washington State has some of the most beautiful wilderness in the world which also means some of the best hiking as well. Rattlesnake Ridge trail in western Washington is one of my favorites and makes for a great day hike from Seattle. The hike is also called Rattlesnake Ledge and for good reason. When you arrive at the view point there is a huge ledge to lay out and have a lunch with one of the best landscapes before you.

It is a moderate hike that takes about 2-4 hours depending on your hiking pace and an elevation gain of almost 1200 ft. You can also head further up the mountain to two higher viewpoints if desired. You could even add this to a trip to Snoqualmie Falls and hit two epic spots in one day. Better yet, make it part of a camping road trip and explore the hundreds of other great trails in Western Washington!”

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