How Telematics Can Be A Game-Changer For Electric Vehicles Research

During the webinar, Dr. Dong presented her research on the topic of “How to conduct world class EV research with telematics: estimating energy efficiency of connected and autonomous vehicles in a mixed fleet.”

Dong used data gathered using FleetCarma’s C2 telematics hardware. This data spanned from engine torque, RPM, and fuel consumption for ICEVs to electricity consumption, battery current, and charger voltage for EVs. She then used this data to analyze energy efficiencies and inefficiencies in EVs and ICEVs.Through her research, Dong found that energy efficiency is a function of the type of car being driven and the surrounding environment. For ICEVs, energy efficiency is most affected by speed and acceleration, and for EVs, energy efficiency is a function of ambient temperature and speed. Using this data, she devised two energy consumption models: the ecological smart driver model and the energy efficient driver model.

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