Electric, Speedy Charging Stations Have Problems Of Their Own

If there’s one thing that few electric vehicle supporters talk about it is the problems with speedy charging stations. The stations not only generate heat but there is also the potential of fires. Granted, the manufacturers will control the problems, but, how much can they do it?

Today, while reading a piece in Torque News by Armen Harayen, it struck me that there is a certain amount of hubris coming from each automaker as they announce plans for super-speedy charging. GM Charging Plans Outpace Tesla.
Looking at GM’s planning, the plan to stuff enough charge into their electrics so they can travel up to 180 miles in only 10 minutes. And, if you look at the physics of the plan it is doable with a caveat, don’t forget the heat.

The Charging System Is Responsible For Heat
You see in creating the electrical current needed to charge a rack of batteries; the charging system will generate a rather hefty amount of heat. It’s not something that is debatable. It is true as surely as the sun will rise in the east tomorrow.Indeed, you probably have run across this your self with your smartphone. In one of today’s less-than-understandable moves, the auto industry has created a full-time universal remote charger system that will charge your smartphone whether it is an Apple or an Android or it is Samsung or a Kyocera.

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