Best For a Porsche Performance Electric it’s all about the Charging

  • Already life as an EV driver entails having multiple network cards to use at different networks, especially if non-Tesla and doing long distanced driving.
  • Porsche is looking to compete with Tesla toe to toe in all aspects of electric cars.
  • This includes not just the cars themselves but the services and amenities around them.
  • One feature Porsche wants to adapt and improve from Tesla is access to charging networks and fast charging.
  • Porsche is developing Charging Parks, which will be their version of Tesla’s Fast Charging Network.
  • The Dilemma of EV Driving: Multiple Charging Cards for Multiple Networks

Life as an BEV driver makes recharging on the road a little tricky, that you have to be prepared, and have options. The fact of life for a BEV owner is that you have to have in your possession multiple charging network cars and have them activated right at the charging station. This can be a little inconvenient and tricky for the BEV driver but a necessity especially if you’re doing long distance driving to need access to a fast charger. One of the selling points of buying a Tesla is that with their sole dedicated Supercharging and soon to come Megacharging Network, Tesla customers have their own established network of Tesla Chargers, that all they need is their card and an app to recharge. Now here comes Porsche onto the BEV scene with their new electric car. They want to adopt and improve what Tesla is doing.

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