Best For a Porsche Performance Electric it’s all about the Charging

In setting up its charging network for its upcoming flagship all electric sports saloon, the Taycan, Porsche gives clues as to how premium, luxury, and performance brands outside of the Tesla universe will be treated until as such time as all brands have access to everyone eles’s networks.

As with everything else in life, you exact and pay a price for preferential treatment when it comes to things like airline seating, hotel and cruise ship accommodations, theater and stadium performances, car rentals, credit cards, even VIP front of the line access to attractions at amusement and theme parks, and so it shall be with electric car charging, as Porsche has devising a VIP access system to various network chargers for their customers.

In doing this, the legacy car companies are giving us all a glance as to how the luxury and performance brands will treat their customers when their all electric models roll out in just a few months or years. Expect customers who drive things like a Porsche or a Bentley or a Buick or even a Mini to be treated differently or special than someone just driving a Ford or a Chevy or Honda when they pull up to some kind of charging station.

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