News car , Infiniti Prototype 10 is Classic Style, Modern Flavor

The Infiniti guys have been getting really, really good at building concept cars, lately. Even so, their latest– the unimaginatively named Prototype 10, shown here– is a masterpiece of high-end, luxury styling. And, since it’s 2018, it’s not only gorgeous, but fully electric.

We’ve been waiting for an electric Infiniti for a few years now, sure, and the real one– if and when it ever comes– isn’t likely to be a cut-down, rakish, single-seater monoposto like this one. What it will be, though, is anyone’s guess, because Infiniti provided the craziest, longest, most rambling press release I have ever rear along with these pictures, and almost none of it seems to involve anything like technical specifications or production plans.

This press release is a truly awful piece of writing, but I included it in its entirety, below, in case any of you are interested enough to try to suss out some details. If you find any (I lost interest about three times trying to read it through), feel free to post them in the comments section at the bottom of the page. Or, you know, just look at the pretty pictures again. Enjoy!

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