Meet the World’s Quickest 1/4 Mile Electric Doorslammer

The plan is now to modify the car to fit wider and taller rear tires, so that the potential 1600 horsepower can be utilized, and to build a new bike with a large enough rear tire to handle 1000 horsepower — almost doubling the current power in order to break that 6.94 second record…

What I think is so great about all of this is the rough setup. We are not talking Formula E with Facebook-induced power boosts, Roborace self-driving racers, Rimac supercars, or Tesla GT tech here. No, this is just a couple of dudes putting relatively simple hardware together to get a steel frame carrying a person the fastest possible way a quarter of a mile. When this electric niche of drag racing, stops being a niche, this is going to be wild!

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