Is Renault’s Fluence ZE now a bargain electric banger?

Electric cars probably aren’t the first vehicles you might think of when choosing a car that can be run on a shoestring.

Years of premium pricing have planted a firm connection in the minds of many buyers between electric cars and extreme expense, even though outright prices are fast tumbling downwards these days. And on the face of it, there can be few better budget cars than a vehicle that costs you nothing to tax and does a hundred miles or so on pocket change.

But is it truly possible to buy and run an electric car on a budget? As the years tick by we’ll see more and more electric vehicles deposited onto used forecourts, their prices temptingly low next to brand new equivalents.

It’s happening already. Sales of Renault’s Fluence are still struggling to exceed double figures in the UK, but unpopularity has worked wonders for its used pricing. A quick search reveals nearly-new, year-old examples for as little as £7,000 – having lost a staggering 61% in value from the price paid new, or even more if you factor in the government’s contribution via the Plug-in Car Grant.

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