EPA: Hyundai Kona Electric has 258 Mile Range

Prices in the US have not been officially announced, but if the EPA ratings are any indication, they will be soon. Expect the electric version of the car to be well equipped and list for less than $40,000. Here is what the EPA sticker in the window will look like when you get to see one of these cars up close and personal at your local dealer.

Hyundai says the car will come with a 7.2 kW onboard charger and be compatible with CCS 100 kW fast charging. Charging time on 24o volts is estimated at 4 hours.The Kona Electric has just about everything a car buyer today could want in a compact SUV. For now, Hyundai can sell every one of them it can build. That situation won’t last forever, so the question is whether it can capitalize on its ability to bring the right car to market at the right time.

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