Chevrolet Volt review – UK edition

The flat Cambridgeshire fenlands might lack even the most modest of hills, but they nonetheless provide an interesting place to test a new car. If you’re looking for cracked, patched and crumbling asphalt, sharp off-camber bends, long arrow straights and staccato transverse ridges – plus the odd juddering level crossing – you’ll find them all on the narrow roads that criss-cross the peaty farmlands.

Chevrolet’s Volt coped admirably with these diverse surfaces, made all the more challenging by a torrential spring downpour. Long, gentle undulations left the car feeling a little floaty at high speed, and the wheel gave very few clues about diminishing grip before dogged understeer set in, but if you’re interested in comfort rather than cornering, the Volt is a welcoming place to sit and steer. The seats, in particular, are superbly snug and supportive.

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